Things you should be expecting before, during and after the laser eye surgery is something very important that should be communicated by a surgeon when you go for a consultation as cataract surgery costs are too much that one always wants to be prepared beforehand. Let’s find out the things you should keep in mind in every process of the surgery.

Before the surgery

If you are someone who wears contact lenses on a regular basis and are planning to undergo a cataract surgery in Windsor, make sure you stop wearing contacts at least 2 weeks before your actual surgery date. This is due to the fact that lenses alters the shape of your cornea which plays a massive role in the surgery process. In order to get the eye shape back to its regular position, one must stop wearing any sort of lenses. Not only this, you should also share all the details related to your eye and vision with your doctor during the consultation phase so corrective measures are taken by the surgeon and they are aware of the condition beforehand to avoid any risk or occurrence that may happen later.

During the Surgery

A lot of people think that the laser eye surgery is an extensive procedure and takes hours to be completed, however, in actual, cataract surgery only takes thirty minutes. All you have to do is to lie down on your back in a surgical room which has a laser system consisting of a machine and display screen. The process requires the patient to be awake throughout the time and a numbing drop will be used along with an instrument to keep your eyes open throughout the surgery. One thing that should be a point to be noted by every individual is that if you are unable to stare at the fixed object for a minimum of 60 seconds, then this process is not ideal for you. Visit for laser eye surgery cost.

After the surgery

As soon as you are done with the surgical process, you may feel a burn or an itch in the eye and probably feel some discomfort for a while. You may also experience mild pain for which a pain reliever shall also be recommended by the doctor. Your eye may also turn watery and teary which may cause the vision to be a bit blurry for a while but the thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to rub your eye during all this discomfort. Rubbing eyes could lead to dislodge of the flap which would result in further treatment process which of course one doesn’t want to go for. Besides this, it is also highly suggested to avoid looking around lights and sun for a first few days after the surgery to avoid any mishap/

Things To Keep In Mind Before, During And After Laser Eye Surgery

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