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Hips And Knee Treatment

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Hips can get fractured when you are aged or your bones are getting weaker. In some cases, it can happen due to the bad accidents. The result is severe pain and you might not feel well while walking or sitting either. The fracture of the hip should not be taken lightly as it can get very serious if not treated on time. The symptoms of the hip fracture may include the pain and sometimes a severe pain or you might not be able to put weight on your leg for a longer time. You may feel uncomfortable while walking or standing. All of these are symptoms of hip fracture.  In half of the cases of hip fracture, a person might not be able to get normal the way he used to be before hip fracture. So, if stayed untreated for a long time, then it will only result in longer problems. For more information, please log on to

Arthroscope is used for the diagnosing and treatment of the knee. What happens in this surgery is that a small camera is sent into the knee to know about the problem in the knee. In surgery, first the knee is sterilized and then a small portion of the knee’s skin is cut and the camera is sent into the knee, the camera is attached to a big display which shows the possible problems in the knee. When the problem is pointed out with the camera then some tiny instruments are used to get out the damaged tissues from the knee. The length of the surgery may vary and depends mainly on the damaged tissues in the knee. After the damaged tissues are taken out through tiny instruments, the skin is then stitched. This surgery is small surgery as compared to the other surgeries and the consumption of time is also less in this surgery. The reason behind that is the problem or the damaged tissue is located with the help of the camera and then only that specific part of the knee is cut for further surgery. In this way, the knee’s skin is cut in small amount. The healing process of this surgery also takes less time because of the small cut. The patient will be able to walk in a day or so and will be able to leave hospital in the same say and everything will be alright.  

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