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How To Select A Number 1 Fertility For Yourself

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Lets be empathetic and honest here, one of the most difficult moment for a woman is to come face to face with the realization of not become a mother, or not being able to conceive naturally. From here begins both the woman and her partner’s journey of beating the odds in their favour. For women, this becomes very difficult as she begins to question if she will ever become a mother. Here, while all the thoughts may take their toll on you, we suggest to make sure you reach out and explore all available avenues for yourself and your partner, at times, you just need some timed help.

Having that said, the second thought that follows is how to go public with your case or doubts of being infertile? How should you be discussing it with your friends or family? Even if you come across people in your circle being open about their pregnancy care related problems that may just not be the comfort zone for you. So now how should you go about identifying a number 1 fertility clinic for yourself?

While you may find many articles on internet on this, we will emphasize only on the things that really matter so you do not get lost in all the nitty grittys.

  1. Check What Does your Health Insurance Covers

Your first step should be looking into the financials. Here we suggest to start off with checking with your insurance companies and identify which clinics are covered by them and what procedures are covered under medical insurance.  This should give you a starting point. However, here we would emphasize, just because a clinic is covered by your insurance company, doesn’t mean you should go there. You have to do your research.

  1. Be Alert and Look Out for This:

Do keep in mind not all fertility clinics provides all or same services, and neither do all fertility clinics works with the same purpose. Know that for these clinics success rates matters, hence, they would rather want to choose a patient with optimal chances to live birth or invasive procedures. If you fall below their criteria, then they will be turning you away. If this has happened to you, be glad it did, because here the clinic is working for their own benefit and not for you.

  1. Do You Know Their Success Rates?

Make sure the clinic you are scrutinizing for yourself, they do declare their success rates by age and by amount of embryos transferred for both of their IVF and IUI procedures.  This ensures that the clinics has had legit positive experiences and cases, and you can be assured, you will be dealt in the right way. And if the numbers are not up on their website, that’s a red flag. Do not waste any further second on them.

  1. Variety of Treatment Options

Make sure the clinic you are choosing for yourself, doesn’t offer only one procedure i.e IVF. A number 1 fertility clinic Melbourne would be the one that offers variety of treatments for fertility. IVF is not the only way to go about dealing with fertility problems, there are many other ways. IF your consultant directly suggests you IVF, we suggest you to take a second opinion.

How To Select A Number 1 Fertility For Yourself

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